Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I will do my best to offer frequent giveaways, and here is the new Giveaway for this week!!!

What would you win? This week I will be giving away a HOLIDAY CARD design. It will be a total NEW design just for you, and then you will be able to print it in photo paper or cardstock in your local or online printing place.... a $25+ value.
What to do? Just leave me a comment letting me know WHY you would love to win this giveaway. Please, dont forget to leave a way to contact you, especially if you dont have a blog or if you have a blog but is not listed in your profile.

How to get EXTRA comments? If you are a follower of my blog (or become one) you will be able to get a SECOND comment, which will increase your chances of winning. Just post a second comment saying that you add yourself as a follower..... AND, if you advertise this giveaway in your blog (or anywhere else), you will get an EXTRA chance to win... Just post a comment with the link of the place where you posted it.
When is the deadline? You guys should leave the comment by next Friday 21st at 9pm (EST). The winners will be announced Saturday 22nd.

What should you know?
* I promise I will do my best to contact you if you win, but I will be choosing a new winner(s) by Tuesday 25th if I dont hear back from the winner(s).
* If you a Holiday Card during this giveaway, and also particpate in the giveaway, if you get selected as a winner, you will get a $25 credit with us.

Questions? Just fill out a contact form, and I wil get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Hello-
    I recently started reading your blog and was browsing thru your store and saw the wonderful job that you do at designing. This will be the first year that I will be doing holiday cards for friends and family and I would really love for you to design one for us!!
    You can contact me at alexa1284@hotmail.com. Thanks

  2. Ruby... Good luck!!! =) Thanks for the compliments!

  3. Hi A !

    I follow your blog frequently :) I love the uniqueness of your creations :) I advertise you on my myspace too www.myspace.com/hinojosa78

  4. Love your blog and love your cards! they are the best!!

  5. Hi Hun! As you know I LOVE your work after you made Tyler's card last year!!
    I would love to win a free design from you for my cards!!!

  6. Hey, I love all your designs you know that! I'm just happy that you are offering us a chance to get one for free!!!

  7. I am finally starting to think about what I am going to send for the holidays this year and would LOVE to add a card from you to the 2 I already have! Both of my past cards have turned out awesome!

    Amy - atennelle at gmail

  8. I also became a follower - so I get a second post :)


  9. I posted the blog and contest on my local mother's board. I can't post a link because it is a private board, but we have 100+ members. Our website is www.eastsidemothersandmore.org

    Amy - atennelle at gmail

  10. Wow! Anelys, I was just going to contact you about having you create a new Christmas card for my family! You know that I LOVE what you did for E's birthday and thank you cards, that I just had to have you try a couple of ideas I have for our Family Christmas card. BTW, Kelley and I are going to be adding a favorite "love this product" section with links on our site and would like to add you. Let me know what you think!
    Cheers and good luck to all!

  11. Marisol: Thanks!! =) You got your 2 comments because of the MySpace!

    Meg: Thanks and Good luck! =)

    Laurie: Great to see you here!! Good luck!!

    Nicole: I will be making one giveaway per week!!! I think I need to pay forward to those of you that are loyals to me! =)

    Amy: Wow!! You are on fire!!!!Good luck!!!

    Cari: Good luck and of course I want to be advertised in your site! Email me about this! Thanks! =)

  12. I love your holiday cards and surprisingly I have family to send them to this year. LoL. I love helping you and I love your work. Good luck everyone.

  13. I am now a follower. I do not know why I did not follow before. I love the cards and things. LoL

  14. I posted a blog about this for you too...

  15. Last one of course. I started a thread for you on OBBC. I hope it brings some fresh faces for you. I promise no more comments on this thread. LoL

  16. Yay another chance to win! :)

  17. Susan and Marisol: You are both too funny!!

    Good luck everyone!! Going to draw the winner just now!!!! =)

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