Saturday, August 29, 2009

It is VERY simple!!! But it is very important that you read the instructions carefully. I want to grow my portfolio of cards without characters. If you help me to grow it, I will reward you for it...

I will continue to make cards as normal with ALL the characters that we love (except for Yo Gabba Gabba), but have in mind that this promotion ONLY applies if your card will be without characters: Any Theme!


You can order any of the following cards:
- Birthday Invitations
- Birthday Thank you notes
- Birthday Announcements
- Invitation plus thank you note COMBO (Notice that you will get TWO free products when you order a combo.. That is over $25 bucks in savings!!!!).

- Matching return Address Label- Matching Goodie Bag Tags (each Tag can have the name of each guest)
- Matching "I'm Growing" card (this is a card with your child preferences and sizes to help the guests to buy gifts... This card should be inserted in the envelope you send the invitation in). - Matching rectangle Labels (can be used as bubble labels or Play-Doh labels)
- Matching Lollipop/Sucker Labels- Matching Water bottle labels
Want another product besides the Free Product or maybe a Candy Wrapper? No problem... It can be purchase at a very low price.

I'll use Sesame Street as an example, but this applies to ALL THE THEMES!!!! If you are making a Sesame Street birthday party, chances are that your child LOVES Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, etc and that there are TONS of Sesame Street toys all around your house... Or maybe an outfit... Or even a costume! If your main photo has your child wearing a Sesame Street outfit or costume, or maybe just hugging a plush Elmo, that will be enough to let your guests know the theme of the party.

This is an example of how your Invitation can look... Does it looks Sesame Street or not?
This is an example of Goodie Bag Tags (personalize with the name of guests) , Return Address Labels and "I'm Growing" Card (to help people know what the child likes before buying the gift):
So, what are you waiting for?? Fill out your order form TODAY!

* Dont forget that I dont include printing. This is for the DESIGN only.

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