Thursday, February 19, 2015

For this #tbt, let's go back to April 2006.  Here is a picture of my second daughter when she was like 2 weeks old.  Adorable but funny... "Life is so complicated" was the perfect caption.
3LF Photography by Anelys

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here it is the matching Thank you note for the Olivia the Pig card that I posted earlier. I remember I used I different picture for this one, but it was within some files I lost (that's a whole other story).
Olivia the Pig Thank you note
Click here to see all Olivia the Pig designs
Catching up with my posting here is a birthday invitation that I made for this gorgeous little girl.  I made a Yo Gabba Gabba card for her when she turned 2, and this time she wanted an "Olivia the Pig" birthday party.  Here is the invitation I made:
Olivia The Pig
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Monday, February 16, 2015

I did this card last year. My old one (remember?) was already TOO old, so I decided it was time to update it.  All the info in this card is real, except for the phone number (changed for posting purposes). I LOVE how it looks now, even though now I feel the need to update the photo of the girls again... I cant believe how fast they grow!!
Mommy Card

Saturday, February 14, 2015

LOVE is in the AIR... Today and everyday! Happy Valentine's Day to all my customers and friends!
Valentine's Day Card

Friday, February 13, 2015

Alessandra and Arabella's mom ordered this Valentine's Day Cards for the girls to bring to school with some goodies (see the original post for their cards Here and Here).  They both look SOO proud and happy!!
Valentine's Day Photo Card Valentine's Day Photo Card

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My very FIRST #tbt post! In honor to Valentine's Day, here is a picture of my girls taken February 2012! They sure look sooo tiny and it's only 3 years ago!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This is the card I made for Arabella's classmates for Valentine's Day. She had a Frozen birthday back in November and because it is snowing so much, I decided to go ahead with Olaf. She LOVED it (pictures coming soon).

Arabella's Valentine's card

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Alessandra's mom ordered a Valentine's Day card for both of her daughters to give out at school. They are made 3.5 x 2 inches, which is the size for a regular business card. She will use them as tags to put on a bag. Here is the one I made for her youngest daughter. Alessandra Valentines Day Card

Friday, February 06, 2015

 photo 3lf_discount.jpgIf you are loyal to us, we want to reward you. Tell others about us, and if they place an order with us, you will get a minimun of a15% off your next order with us. Depending on the size of your order, the discount may be higher. Be sure to mention it while we are working on your quote.

You don't need to be a customer or have an order placed with us to refer somebody. You can still use your discount for your first order and if you don't have a business, contact us for details how to redeem a special offer for a personal project.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Who can resist a hashtag nowadays!? I think this is a great idea for me to post some of the favorite pictures that I have taken. Let's the digging begin!  First post will be next Thursday!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I have been postponing over and over again the new look for my blog.  I finally got to do it!! I wanted to have one blog for all three businesses and here it is! I wanted it to look clean with the main focus on the blog (not 1000 blinkies on the sides) and I'm very proud.  I normally do my blogs and websites from scratch, however this one was modified from a blogger template and I really like what I did with it.  Now..... GET READY for some serious posting because I'm on a schedule now!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I did a very unusual card as this year I included my brother's family. My girls spend LOTS of time with my nephew and niece and it was just the normal thing to do! Another successful year ends for 3 Little Flowers and it is ALL thanks to my loyal customers! Thanks so much for trusting us!

Here is the decor that Santa made for my girls this year:

Here is PJ Shirt - Tag my girls got this year.  This is my youngest showing off her shirt;

Santa brought chocolate cupcakes this year.  He ordered a few weeks in advance some cupcake tags and cupcake liners:

A close up of the cupcake liner:

Santa also ordered gift tags, and each one got one with their picture.  Here are a couple:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Just tell everybody about how happy you are with us, and if they place an order¹, you will be rewarded!  The more people you refer, the more rewards you will get! (view it on my website)

How it works? Tell your family and friends about my website. On the Order Form, there is a question about who referred them to us. They just have to write your name and that's it!

What would my reward be? Here is a list of the different options that you can select from. Bare in mind that you can select one reward for each person that you refer that places an order¹ with us.
*Free Goodie Bag Tag design
*Free Candy Wrapper design
* Free "Save the Date" card design
* Free Cupcake Top design (Back and Front)
* Free Bubble Wrapper design
* Free "Holiday Card" for the next upcoming season or holiday depending on the month the referral was received. (January: Winter or New Year's, February: Valentine's Day, March: Spring, April: Easter, May: Mother's Day, June: Father's Day, July: Independence Day or Summer, August: Back to School, September: Fall, October: Halloween, November: Thanksgiving, December: Christmas or Season's Greetings).
* 5% off from your next order with us.

How can I get MORE out of my referrals? If you refer 10 people that place an order¹ and you don't redeem your rewards individually, you can get ALL the designs from ONE event for FREE! Your "Free Party Package" will include the high resolution files for:
* Invitation Card
* Save the Date Card
* Cover for the Facebook page for the event
* Goodie Bag Tags
* Bubble Wrappers
* Candy Wrappers
* Bottle Wrappers
* Thank you Note Card
You can select a design from my site for your event, but if you cant find what you have in mind, I can make new designs for you. If you want to refer 10 people before every event you have, feel free to do it. There is NO limit!

What happens if my referral forgets to mention my name on their order form? That's fine. No harm done. Just ask them to mention it to me while we are discussing their order.

Important info about the Rewards 
1- Your friend's order must be completed for you to redeem your reward. 
* Your rewards cannot be applied to an order that has been already paid for.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

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