Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here is the card that I made for one of my daughter's birthday parties... I blogged abuot it on my personal blog, and I wanted to post it here too:

After the card was almost done in landscape, there was something that I just didn’t like. I wasn’t so happy with the card, so I decided to try a Magazine cover, and Im really pleased with the result.

Some of the things that I made was that I changed the color of the bow (that was red and white) to match the colors of the outfit (she does has a matching bow with two tones of pink, that I just couldn’t find that day), and also the ball was yellow, and didn’t had a number two on it (it had some black lines). Also, everything else is made for scratch: I draw the umbrella, chair and flip flop, and also did the water and floor effect. I will love to learn to draw more complicated things, because so far Im loving it.As some of the guests that are coming doesn’t speak English, I made her invitation in Spanish. But, as I wanted to put it on my web page, I translate it and here is the English version of her invitation.

Here is the matching thank you note:


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