Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Im also very pleased with this makeover... This is a very special family for me, and even though I dont know them in person, I feel so close to them.

Here is a preview... Click on it to see it in action:


  1. I found you through Claire's blog! My son had the same condition she had, & he is now two years old. We are so thankful!! I tried to revamp my blog on my own today & discovered I don't know much about HTML! :) Lost all my pictures/sidebar widgets.. & now blogger won't let me re-upload the pictures & sidebar stuff! Frustrated... Love your stuff though! Very cute!

  2. Hello there!!! I was reading your blog and it is amazing how fine is Noah after CDH....

    Anyway, Im sorry that you are having such problems with your blog!!! Let me know if you would like my services or at least my advice....


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