Friday, November 28, 2008

This mom knew exactly what she wanted. She needed me to create in the computer what she was exactly picturing in her mind, and Im very happy to have accomplish that. She knew where she wanted the text, what type of text, what colors, where she wanted the picture, the ribbon that she wanted, and the colors in the ribbons. With just two tries she was pleased!

Note: Names are made up.


  1. Justi: I know you meant to post this on the winner's post, but that is Ok... Just wanted to tell you again to continue to participate.... Im sure you will win SOON!!!! =)

  2. Love this design, its perfect for an Autumn born baby! Simple but very elegant.

  3. Thanks!!!

    What about if you get preggo next month so you can use it?? =)

  4. LOL I'm already preggers and due next week!


  5. Of course, now I know is you... I cant wait to see Froggy!!!!!


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