Monday, March 09, 2009

This is a very special Baby Shower for me... It is for a baby boy who I already love like if he was my nephew. His mom is my friend Cara, and she is having her Baby Shower with a book theme in May. She wanted to send the invitations early, but instead I suggest her to do a Save the Date card now, and then the invitations in around 3 more weeks.

She didnt want me to use a photo as her, because even though she is gorgeous, she doesnt like to be photographed. The baby's nursery is going to have animals so I decided to use a couple of animals that I draw for a Birth Announcement that I made once, inspired in a bedding theme. I do want to comment that I didnt draw the lady myself. I spot her from a site that sells images and I was dying to have an excuse to buy it... I was happy to find my excuse!
Save the Date for JB

Stay tuned for the actual invitation and his birth announcement.


  1. OMGosh shes that far preggo already? Tel her congrats!

  2. She's due in June. =) Spot her blog on my roll call ... She is under Babies in Bellies or something like it.


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