Monday, March 23, 2009


This invitation is totally girly, but still with the colors of the theme. The little girl, Ronni, is holding Foofa which makes it look a lot more like a Foofa Invitation.

Are you having a Yo Gabba Gabba party?? Let us create an invitation for you to match the colors of your party! Dress up your child with your favorite YGG outift, or with his/her favorite toys, and let me do the rest! Contact us today!


  1. wow i love it so cute Foofa rocks oh wait thats my cute lil necie we had a great time and loved the foofa invites our party was foofa-lishes and we had a rockin time im happy to see it we will use this lady again thanks so much

  2. i love this invite and baby its Ronni she is so cute thanks for making the invite we loved it and this lady is great we will be using her again we had a foofa-lishes time we rocked out thanks again

  3. Wow how cute is Ronni liltle princes. the invitations looked great thank you for making the party a success


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