Friday, March 13, 2009

Im very creative when it comes to do stuff with other people's photos, but I seriously need more creativity when Im taking my own photos. I hope this challenge from the "I Should be Folding Laundry" blog helps me to look outside of the box. I have been participating in the last minute, but from now on I will try to participate all at the beginning (it starts every Wednesday).

Anyway, we seriously need to cut the grass, and Gaby was just telling me how "weird" it feels to step on the grass. So, why dont I use that as TEXTURE for my challenge?


I kept trying to do something else... Not my kids... I walk around to find something with a texture that I love.... I remembered this little drawer that hubby bought for my girls a couple of months ago... I SERIOUSLY love canvas texture, not sure why.. And to boost, it is PINK!!! So, I got a few shots... What it is funny is that this photo is Without Flash, with some Perspective and a TEXTURE that I love...
Stop by her blog to see what others came up with. Next Week's challenge is SHADOWS.


  1. Very neat shots. I love the canvas one.

  2. Thanks... I promise I will get better with the time!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness-- you have GRASS! I haven't seen grass in so long I almost forgot what it looks like. Thank you for reminding me. Your shot captures it perfectly.

    And about being "late"-- I suppose it doesn't matter when you post to Beth's blog, but I found that the week I posted early on, I got a lot more blog visitors!


  4. It's Your Movie: Im sorry to rub it in your snowy face, but I live in the CARIBBEAN! So, I have grass and sun and beach and sand ALL YEAR LONG!!! :)

    And good point about the early and late posting!! I will keep it in mind for next week! :)


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