Thursday, September 17, 2009

A little bit over a month ago, I started working for Diaper Discussions. It is a blog owned by Julie, who is also the owner of Earth Angels Diaper Co. Im very excited about this project, because not only I made a makeover for her, but Im also doing the maintenance of her blog. Im in LOVE with cloth diapers, and being able to work full time for another cloth diaper company is something that gives me a lot of joy.

Here is how her blog looked BEFORE the makeover:

And this is how it looks AFTER the makeover:

Since the moment of her makeover until today, her blog has grown from 2 followers to 110 and counting!

Here are some of the matching and personalized designs that she got for her blog:
- Personalized signature for each author of the blog:
- Post divider (that shows in between each post, so posts dont look too close to each other):

- Personalized "Follow me on Twitter" button:

- Personalized "Become our Fan in Facebook" button:

- Personalized animated button:

Diaper Discussions has several recurrent posts for each day of the week. Each one has a personalized button. This is the button for her "The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all" weekly post:

This is the button for her Monday posts called "Fluff in the Spotlight".. As part of the maintenance of her blog, I change the the button each week with the image and name of the correct product for that week:

To see more of the personalized designs I made for her blog, you can stop by and see a live preview at Diaper Discussions.


  1. It is truly awesome to work with you! :)

  2. It looks like a very interesting blog, too bad I don't use cloth diapers, maybe for my next baby ji ji ji


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