Saturday, October 17, 2009

Im very excited to announce this contest as I have been thinking about it since over a year already!!

TWO WINNERS, a BOY and a GIRL, will win A FULL YEAR of photo cards!! A whole new photo card design for EACH Holiday of the year:
- Valentine's Card
- Easter Card
- Mother's Day Card
- Father's Day Card
- 4th of July Card or Summer Card
- Back to school card (if applies)
- Halloween Card or Fall Card
- Holiday Card (Christmas or whatever you celebrate)
- Birthday Party Invitation (or birthday announcement if you are not having a party)
- Birthday Party Thank you note

There is MORE!! At the end of the year, the winners will get a collage of all the cards in the size of the winner's preference.

HOW IT WORKS? Each contestant will get a number and will be posted in my blog along with their name and photo. The winners will be the BOY and the GIRL with the most votes.

HOW TO ENTER? Just submit a photo of your child along with her/his name on my site's photo uploader: HERE.

HOW TO VOTE? Simply post a comment going HERE with the number and name of the child you think is the CUTEST of all. You can make two separate entries: One for a BOY and one for a GIRL. You can vote ONE TIME PER DAY until the end of the contest!

- By being follower of the 3 Little Flowers blog
- By posting about the contest (post the link along with your entry)
- By being a fan of our Facebook page.
- By having our animated blinkie on your blog or site (you can get it from the right sidebar of my blog)
- By having your child's animated blinkie on your blog or site (contact me to get one)
- By placing an order with us (Can get 5 extra entries)

WHAT ELSE TO KNOW?- Voting will be open until NOVEMBER 30th. Winners will be announced DECEMBER 7th by email and a blog post.
- You can vote for your own child ONE TIME PER DAY.
- You can ask all your family and friends to vote for your child ONE TIME PER DAY. The more family and friends you ask, the more votes your child will get.
- Please, when you make your comment be sure to be logged into your blogger account.. If you dont have one, you can post the comment with your email address or at least your name.
- Photos CANNOT be changed after they are posted on the contest. Make sure you LOVE the photo you will submit before sending it.
- Identical twins gets ONE entry in the contest. You can send one photo of them together, or one individual of each. Either way, they will get ONE number.
- You can participate with each one of your kids, but you can only vote for ONE each day.
- Photos can be home photos or professional photos (when you submit a professional photo, we assume you have the rights to do so). The idea is that they need to show the real personality of your child. Home photos are always the best! Professional photos CANT have a watermark on the face.
- The photo you submit should be a current photo. It doesnt need to be a photo from today, but a photo that shows how your child looks right now.
- The winners will get a high resolution file for each card for them to print on their own. They will be able to make as many changes as they want, and the cards will be made to please their taste and liking.

WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR CHILD? After you submit the photo of your child, just fill out a contact form letting me know that you want a blinkie for your child... I will email you a blinkie for you to use on your blog, Facebook or anywhere you want just like this example on the right.

So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? I assure you that if you win, 2010 is going to be a year that you will NEVER forget!!! Go to this post and place your vote NOW.

Diclaimer: By submitting your photo, you agree that it will be posted on the contest for people to be able to vote for it.

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