Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My oldest daughter is the purple flower of my logo, and this time we made her birthday party in honor to it.. Purple is her favorite color and this was a birthday she was awaiting since a long time. I decided to include pink and turquoise and she loved the combination.

I made some tags for the cupcakes:

And this is how they look on the cupcakes:

It was a party at her school and they dont allow goodie bags... So, instead I made come cake pops and attached some tags to it with the name of each child and each teacher:
They look like a total mess but here they are:

Here is a close up of two that I still have at home...


  1. So when exactly was Gaby's bday? Ilyas was born on 10/09 - I was born on 10/14 and Aaiyah was born on 10/22 (my mom is on 10/26) - we're a full month in October!

  2. Well... I guess that is happy belated birthday for you and Ilyas!!

    Gaby was born October 5th! And my new nephew was just born October 17th! :)


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