Monday, April 08, 2013

Last January, I celebrated my 32nd birthday with a 50 Shades of Grey birthday party.  Most of the guys were clueless, but all the girls enjoyed the decor very much.  Im posting my designs, as well as some ideas for a "50 Shades of Grey" birthday party.

First, the invite was just for Facebook, so it is not an usual style for the designs I do.  The info was on the actual Facebook event.

Here are the Cupcake Tags that I made. There were several different quotes from the book on each one. You can also see the Charlie Tango I got. It was wood color and I painted it with sharpie (easiest and quickest way to do it)
Another look for the Cupcake Tags. You can also see a little message card that I put on the napkin holder.
Another message card showing one of the emails from the book. The cookies were made by a friend of mine.

Another email in front of a jar full of masks plus another sign with a quote from the book. I also got the car that both Christian and Anastasia had: Audi R8 as part of the decoration.
Marshmallows with another email:
People had to see my room as the music was there, so I decided to do a little something. Here is the sign I did for the wall on top of my bed. That was printed 11x17.
This is how the bed looked:
And here are three signs I made for the area:
And lastly here is how the whole area looked like. You can click on it for a larger view:

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