Friday, May 08, 2015

I LOVE the idea of having a guest book that is NOT just a simple book where you sign.  I have done this several times but this is the first time that I actually post about it on my blog.

When this is done for a birthday party, the whole design can we done since I first make the design.  A nice picture can be taken in advance, and I can include it on the design before it gets printed.  The recommended size for this is 16x20 or even larger.  It can be done at ANY size you need it without any extra charge.  It is very important to keep in mind that the picture needs to be a high quality picture taken with a camera... Most cell phone pictures won't work for this.  It can be printed with a cardstock (any printing place offers this option), or if we have the picture for the design in advance, it can be printed with photo paper.  Have in mind that if is printed in photopaper, you need to get a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker. It helps to read these instructions.  For cardstock, the tip doesn't need to be so thin, and the Sharpie Extra Fine Point Permanent Marker can be used.

For this specific event, we wanted to use a picture of the little girl wearing her dress, which means we didn't have the picture in advance. I made the design leaving an 8x10 space right in the middle and I put a big sign that says DO NOT SIGN IN THIS AREA (believe it or not, a person on this party did sign inside of the area, lol)... Anyway, the idea is that the sign gets to be displayed at the party, and people can sign on it.  Then, after the party is done, and awesome pictures of the girls are taken, an 8x10 picture get printed and add it to the design.  The end result is a beautiful remembrance for this little girl's First Communion to hang in her room.

For the 8x10 area (which can also be planned for any other size), we can add a collage instead of a single picture... Here is the before and after... All photographs were taken by Jennifer from Movable Memories

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