Friday, January 19, 2007

Welcome to my blog. Im posting this as I know a lot of people go to the first post on a blog when they visit it for the first time. Anyway, the real intro to the blog is posted here, when the blog was really created.

Here is the intro that I have posted on my website, so you can know I little bit more about me:

I have always loved photography, but it was when my first daughter was born in 2003 that I really got photo crazy. Over time I realized that my beautiful photos were just that: "Photos". I needed to find a way to preserve all those moments, and it was when it crossed to my mind to start making designs for them.

As a full time working mom, it was a little difficult to find the time to do all the cute things that were going through my mind, and it was on my maternity leave of my second daughter that I decide to really get to learn about it. I started doing all type of designs for my photos, and a couple of friends loved what I was doing and asked me to do it for them, too. I did all kind of announcements, invites, holiday cards and more, to every person that asked for it. I was really loving it.

I was going to go back to work when my second was at least one year old, but God had other plans. I unexpectedly got pregnant with my third child, and I just knew in that moment that my plans to go back to work outside the home were a little bit difficult.

One day, a person that I met on a forum (Nikki U.) asked me to design a birthday invitation for her daughter and she insisted on paying me. That was when 3 Little Flowers © was born. It was the perfect way to get to stay home with my 3 babies under 4. Our last name is Flores (Spanish word for “Flowers”), so we have three little flowers. I’m still learning and I’m looking forward to learn more with each card that I make for you.

By the way, even though I make my designs alone, you will notice that I refer to “us” and “we” a lot. Why “we”?? Because we are a TEAM: My girls are my inspiration, and my husband is my number one support! If it weren’t for them, 3 Little Flowers were just a dream!

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