Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here are the numbers and the number asigned to each comment:
1 – Ruby
2 – Marisol
3 – Meaghan (Adrian’s Mama)
4 – Laurie
5 – Nicole (culturequeen)
6 – Amy W.
7 – Amy W.
8 – Amy W.
9 – Cari
10 – Susan
11 – Susan
12 – Susan
13 - Marisol

So, I asked my oldest daugther to count up to 13. She counted in English and then in Spanish, and then in English one more time. Then, I asked:

- From those numbers, which one do you like the best?
- 3 for sure! - she said!

So, the winner for the FREE HOLIDAY CARD IS MEAGHAN!!! Adrian's Mama.

I have a 15% off in my store that ends today for Holiday Cards... So, to all the others that didnt win, I will extend the 15% ONE MORE WEEK!!! Go ahead and order now!!!

Meaghan: Congratulations and contact me ASAP so we can get your card done!


  1. Congrats Meaghan :)!

  2. WOW THANKS!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am so excited Anelys' cards are the best!!!! I never win anything!


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