Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh boy!!! This was certanly a challenge, but a pleasure to make... Sweet Emma is back and this time with her whole family for a Christmas Tree Collage.
There are TONS of details that needs to be taken care of while making this card, but Im very pleased with the result, and so are them. For best results it can be make with 9 or 10 pictures, and it can have a picture of each holiday during the year.
Close up of the borders:


  1. Love this design, perhaps a good choice for next holiday!

  2. Thanks!

    If you want to, fill out a contact form with your info, and I will contact you next year so you can order it! =)

  3. It's me I'm no longer anonymous and you already have all my info :)))

  4. Oh ok!! =) Great to know it was you!!!


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